I’m specializing in Product and Lifestyle Photography.

From shooting simple product to conceptual ideas for websites, catalogues, brochures and newsletters, I have the experience to create eye-catching lifestyle and product images.

I have a love for product photography and a creative eye for lighting and composition. 

My professionalism, technical ability and creativity help me maintain a strong client base. I take immense pride in my work and I am committed to delivering high quality images.





Nine Reigns Brewers is a premium English beer producer that is venturing into the long-awaited gin market. As their label designer, my aim was to create eye-catching and memorable designs that reflect the quality of their flagship beers. I took into account the distinct flavor profiles of each beer and their brand’s overall aesthetic to create labels that stand out on store shelves and entice potential customers.

In addition to label design, I also provided product photography services for Nine Reigns Brewers. I captured each beer bottle in a way that showcases the full label, highlighting its unique design and enticing potential buyers.


I strived to create labels that stood out on store shelves and caught the attention of potential customers.


I provided product photography services for Nine Reigns Brewers. I photographed each beer bottle in a way that showcased the full label.



Portugal is working in tandem with the EU to build a railway that will bring more logistical ease to companies transporting products to the country’s neighbour and biggest trading partner, Spain.

Over 1000km of intervention lines between Norte and South, connection with the Spanish border. Construction should be completed by end of 2023, the rail line is part of Portugal’s €2 billion railway infrastructure plan known as Ferrovia 2020.

Enhancing connectivity in Southern Europe is a key element of the region’s economic revitalization. The new railway line will increase trade between Portugal and Spain, and help Portuguese ports to export more products beyond the European Union.

I played a pivotal role in helping Infraestruturas de Portugal market the railway project to the Portuguese government. I created and edited various videos that highlighted the infrastructure and construction progress, crafting a comprehensive advertising campaign to support the railway’s development.

North and south corridor

Over 1000 KM of intervention lines

Approximately 2 billions Euros of investment per corridor

Improve international connections

Increase the competitiveness of rail transport

My keen eye for detail and artistic sensibility helped Infraestruturas de Portugal create visually compelling content that effectively conveyed the significance and progress of the project. My photography and videography skills were instrumental in capturing the essential aspects of the railway’s construction and communicating it to the target audience effectively.

north corridor

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south corridor

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photos of the construction





For over 60 years, Rug Centre has been a trusted Afghan family business that creates exquisite hand-knotted rugs and kilims. As part of my collaboration with them, I offered a comprehensive range of services, including branding, web design, photography, and video production.

With my design expertise, I developed a visually stunning e-commerce website that truly showcased the beauty and intricate craftsmanship of each rug. Working closely with the client, I made sure that the website design was in sync with the company’s core values and effectively conveyed their unique brand identity.

Furthermore, my adept photography skills enabled me to capture the distinctive character of each rug, resulting in an online shopping experience that was both immersive and captivating.

Lifestyle product photography

I transformed Rug Centre‘s business by expanding its reach and increasing its customer base. The e-commerce website enabled customers to browse and purchase rugs from the comfort of their own homes, while the product and lifestyle photography showcased the beauty and versatility of each rug, making it easier for customers to visualise them in their own homes.

How the rugs are made

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Having known and used the work of Joao for photography and graphics to promote Yarash Rugs, Rug Centre and Eastern Rugs, I would highly recommend him. His photographs are second to none in really being able to show the detail and quality of the rugs. Joao has the ability to understand the wide range of customer our rugs are aimed at and has produced books, leaflets, advertisements and mailshots, all beautifully, as well as tastefully presented. Joao will discuss our ideas but ultimately guides us. His standards are extremely high and he will not produce anything which he feels is substandard. He has often worked with us on shoots where there is great time pressure and sometimes difficult circumstances, but he has always maintained his high standard of work, whilst demonstrating great flexibility and willingness to 'go the extra mile'. He remains our first and only choice as a photographer and graphic designer.
Masoud Yarash
Founder / Director




MOH, a perfume brand renowned for its exceptional fragrances, sought my services as a photographer and product videographer to create compelling visuals that would showcase their unique scents to potential customers.

Collaborating closely with the passionate team at MOH, I immersed myself in their brand and vision to create stunning visuals that effectively conveyed the essence of their fragrances. Through my expert use of photography, I highlighted the intricate details of each perfume bottle, while my product videos added a captivating layer of storytelling that truly brought the fragrances to life.

fragrances storytelling

Using my photography skills, I showcased the intricate details of each perfume bottle, and added an extra layer of storytelling through my product videos that brought the fragrances to life.

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We were blown away by Joao's photography and product video skills. He truly brought our fragrances to life and captured the essence of our brand. His commitment to quality is evident in every image and video he produced. We couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Founder / Director MOH





As part of Lenovo’s marketing efforts to promote their workstation products, namely ThinkStation and ThinkPad, I collaborated with the marketing department. Lenovo is a leading global technology company that focuses on delivering innovative and top-quality technology solutions that improve customers’ productivity and overall quality of life. With their growth, they have become one of the world’s biggest PC manufacturers, and a trailblazer in providing advanced mobile and data center solutions.

My role involved providing a diverse range of design, photography, and video services to create branding, marketing, and advertising materials. These included HTML newsletters, online and animated banners. Additionally, I was responsible for retouching and editing brand images, product photography, and video content for ThinkStation and ThinkPad.

Designed for high productivity, Lenovo Workstations, THINKSTATION and THINKPAD are engineered for power, performance and industry-leading reliability that allow artists to bring their creative ideas to life.
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Cataleya London is a luxury, independent British handbag brand that prioritizes ultra-feminine designs and expert craftsmanship. They source premium leather and hardware from Italy and manufacture their collections there, emphasizing quality, style, and functionality.

As part of a collaboration with the founder, I helped develop a modern and elegant brand identity, produced marketing materials and social media graphics, and ensured all content met the online shop’s exacting standards. To showcase Cataleya London’s products and aesthetic, I built an engaging website featuring high-quality imagery that perfectly captured the brand’s essence.

Product Photography

I’m responsible for the brand photography and videos, that includes e-commerce product and lifestyle photography.

Timeless elegance

English design with Italian craftsmanship. Cataleya London brings you elegant and beautifully crafted Italian leather handbags, with both form and function. Cataleya London values traditional handbag making methods where craftsmanship is key.
Cataleya Symbol
Thanks to Joao from JP Creative, we have a website we love and that truly reflects our brand. We wanted a website that has visual impact and a great user experience, but also something we can maintain ourselves. Joao was able to deliver a stylish comprehensive site. In addition, he was responsible for all the product shots and supported with our first photoshoot. Joao is able to deliver the full package so there is no need to work with a number of people to get the job done. He listens to your project requirements, but also provides effective recommendations. Joao is an extremely talented individual who we highly recommend to help start or improve your business!
Reetu Rai
Founder / Director CATALEYA LONDON