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MOH, a perfume brand renowned for its exceptional fragrances, sought my services as a photographer and product videographer to create compelling visuals that would showcase their unique scents to potential customers.

Collaborating closely with the passionate team at MOH, I immersed myself in their brand and vision to create stunning visuals that effectively conveyed the essence of their fragrances. Through my expert use of photography, I highlighted the intricate details of each perfume bottle, while my product videos added a captivating layer of storytelling that truly brought the fragrances to life.

fragrances storytelling

Using my photography skills, I showcased the intricate details of each perfume bottle, and added an extra layer of storytelling through my product videos that brought the fragrances to life.

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We were blown away by Joao's photography and product video skills. He truly brought our fragrances to life and captured the essence of our brand. His commitment to quality is evident in every image and video he produced. We couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Founder / Director MOH