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Portugal is working in tandem with the EU to build a railway that will bring more logistical ease to companies transporting products to the country’s neighbour and biggest trading partner, Spain.

Over 1000km of intervention lines between Norte and South, connection with the Spanish border. Construction should be completed by end of 2023, the rail line is part of Portugal’s €2 billion railway infrastructure plan known as Ferrovia 2020.

Enhancing connectivity in Southern Europe is a key element of the region’s economic revitalization. The new railway line will increase trade between Portugal and Spain, and help Portuguese ports to export more products beyond the European Union.

I played a pivotal role in helping Infraestruturas de Portugal market the railway project to the Portuguese government. I created and edited various videos that highlighted the infrastructure and construction progress, crafting a comprehensive advertising campaign to support the railway’s development.

North and south corridor

Over 1000 KM of intervention lines

Approximately 2 billions Euros of investment per corridor

Improve international connections

Increase the competitiveness of rail transport

My keen eye for detail and artistic sensibility helped Infraestruturas de Portugal create visually compelling content that effectively conveyed the significance and progress of the project. My photography and videography skills were instrumental in capturing the essential aspects of the railway’s construction and communicating it to the target audience effectively.

north corridor

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south corridor

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photos of the construction